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Unique Octopus Friend



Vendor: Octopus Circus

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❗ ❗ ❗ Attention: Due to the current lockdown rescritions in Germany, we are unable to ship outside the EU. You are still free to place an order, but we cannot garantue when we will be able to get it shipped to you. ❗ ❗ ❗

Each of these octopi has a name and a story.
They are part of this collection, and there are only 7.
Each of these octopi is adventurous in some way, and the tales are about it's adventures.

Red: Vincent grew up wanting to be an air ship pilot, and he seeks someone brave to travel with into the future- the vast cloudy seas.
Orange: Mephit loves precious gems, particularly emeralds, like the ones in her eyes. If you keep her around she might attract either money or chaos when she tries to pilfer your crystals.
Yellow: Pages is a gentle soul who loves acoustic guitar and soft couches. Drinks too much tea and collects plants. They  like to hold hands.
Green: Paddy is a jolly soul who likes to spend evenings in the forest. He plays a penny whistle and enjoys the sound of running water- particularly if there are mossy rocks. He enjoys the smells of being outside and is a creek octopus.

Blue: Xeon teleported here from the future and does not have a way to get back. They don't seem to mind, and when you go to sleep around them you can sometimes have odd dreams. 
Purple: Nancy is particularly interested in very thick books and pretty much nothing else. She can talk your ear off if you ask her about science fiction. She asks a lot of questions. 

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