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Over the last 10 years we have created a few very special octopi. These are 12 of the most memorable ones we've have ever made. They have gone on many spectacular adventures, and which are perfect to read aloud during storytime. 

Read about the ghost octopus who haunts the circus, the bashful painter, the adventurous  traveler, and the precious cowboy!

Here is an excerpt from one of our tales:

"One day, Vincent did run away, but instead of changing his name to Queen Giggleglug, he went to London. There, a museum displayed all of the famous Vincent’s artwork. The less famous Vincent spent all day staring at the beautiful spirals and dots, and especially at the portrait of the painter who shared his name.

Vincent is still a shy octopus, and doesn’t talk much about his hopes and dreams. But I’m a good friend of his, and I’ve noticed that his tentacles are often covered in paint. I think Vincent van Goggles has a secret room somewhere, where he happily paints starfish and sea anemones. I hope he’ll show them to me one day."
Hazelnut, Myles Schaller

This book was illustrated by a team of 12 illustrators, all in a variety of styles and
will go into production on December 1st!
It also contains a special game of seek and find- with a series of symbols. 
A key. A crown. . A ball of yarn, and crochet hook.
A moon. A ship. A five, an eleven. A question mark.

We are excited to share with you the stories of our octopi