Musical Orange Octo-Friend

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How can you make the rain play the xylophone? What do you need to turn a teacup into a viola? Is there a piece of music only comprised of the sounds between notes? If you like weird noises, new instruments or endless discussions about musical compositions, then an Orange Octopus is the right eight legged friend for you. They have a kean ear for sound of all kinds and like arranging them into accoustic experiences. Some even have beautiful singing voices, others master a specific instrument - or become a one-octopus-band, after all they sure have enough arms for it!

If you let us know what kind of music you like or instrument you play, we will make sure to match you up with the perfect octopus. Obviously you can also just chose an orange octopus for it's wonderful colour. Like all octopi they are loyal and loving friends and give great hugs (no wonder with all these legs - or possibly arms). But with one of these cuties around you can expect a lot more musical enrichment in your life.

Please note: This is just a small sample of our octopi, the one you will receive might differ from those in the pictures.