Botanical Grey Octo-Friend

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One would think, that a great gardener or botanist would emulate the rich colours of the plants and fungi that they study and tend to. But the Grey Octopi don't feel the need to outshine them, they feel content to adore the colourfulness of their charges. Their greatest joy is taking care of plants or learning about a new type of mushroom, crossing breads to create new spectecular ones or carefully delousing a rose bush. Anything that grows in soil or has leaves of any kind, immediatly peaks their interest. They are fierce protectors of nature and also tend to have a good knowledge of herbal remedies.


Obviously you can also chose a grey octopus simply for its soothing colour. Like all octopi they are loyal and loving friends and give great hugs (no wonder with all these legs - or possibly arms). But be warned: This will sprout in grow with one of these little cuties in your home!

Please note: This is just a small sample of our octopi, the one you will receive might differ from those in the pictures.