Crafting Yellow Octo-Friend

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Whether it be sculpting a fruitbowl out of paper mache, painting a beautiful underwater sunset or cross stitching the periodic table - if it's a craft project, you can be sure a yellow octopus is not far. They love all creative expression and hand made (or decorated) objects and enjoy learning about new techniques and materials. Some people like to distinguish between art and craft, but Yellow Octopi can't quite follow these distinctions: Isn't it all just a thing you create - and some marvelous fun on top of that?

If you let us know what kind of art and/or crafts you practice we will make sure to match you up with the perfect octopus. Obviously you can also just chose one of these yellow lovelies for their vibrant colour. 
Like all octopi they are loyal and loving friends and give great hugs (no wonder with all these legs - or possibly arms). Just be prepared for all the extra artwork your home is sure to accumulate with one of these octo-friends in yor home.

Please note: This is just a small sample of our octopi, the one you will receive might differ from those in the pictures.