Tinkering Green Octo-Friend

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Green octopi are veritable geniuses in all things electronic and mechanical. They enjoy inventing new gadgets, devising improvements of machines of all kind and some are even real neafty programmers. Usually each octopus will special in a specific field and try and become pre-eminent in their chosen area. But obviously some also just enjoy tinkering for it's own sake or as a bonding activity.

If you let us know what kind of tech needs or interests you have, we will make sure to match you up with the perfect octopus.  Of course you can also just chose a green octopus for it's lavish colour. 
Like all octopi it will be a loyal and loving friend and is sure to give great hugs (no wonder with all these legs - or possibly arms). Just be prepared for it to be building little contraptions in your home or spending hours trying to optomise your electronics.

Please note: This is just a small sample of our octopi, the one you will receive might differ from those in the pictures.