Octopus Circus Cares

What is our Mission?

When we say that Octopus Circus Cares, it means we care about:
Helping people through difficult times, 
Spreading the joy of creativity  &
Offering unique companions

 Here are the three octo-aspects that make up the Octopus Circus Cares initative: 

  • Helping People in Difficult Times
    In these trying times where job security and lightheartedness are a rarer coin for many people around the world, we wanted to help.
    Instead of having our toys manufactured, we have partnered with art therapy centers in Greece and Ghana to help employ refugees and folks who cannot find work.
    We invite these new crafters into our tentacley circus family, to crochet good little guys. This way we were able to offer additional income to those in need of it and were able to share the joy of creativity with them.

    Because octopuses are not only flexible, they are also resilient. 

  • Spreading the Joy of Crafting 
    Creativity is what makes us human and life fun. The joy of having designed and made something with your own hands is very rewarding. By sharing with people our creations and stories and encouraging them to make more like these themselves we want to bring delight and whimsy into their lives.
    It also allows folks who might not have any work at all the chance to spend their time working with their hands in order to make money, which can be really relaxing.  

  • Providing a unique Companion
    In a time of machine made toys we create one-of-a-kind ones.
    Ones that were made using people's hands, yarn and a crochet hook 
    Every octopus is an individual in look, name and story.
    Just like their future owners. Our toys can be conversation starters and friends for anyone who choses to bring them along with them on adventures.Our customers are unique and interesting and their toys should reflect that too.

When you see the Octopus Circus Care initiative written, this is what it means. 

Would you like to donate directly to the artists who make these?