Here is a photo journey through the evolution of our booth design over the last years.
We were first the Santa Monica Crafting Club, founded in 2013
Then began calling ourselves Kisses or Stitches
 We had a booth at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in 2013
We also had a table at a wool convention called Yarnosphere in 2014 and 2015
We then branched out and started to go to festivals, such as Faerie worlds in 2015
This was the booth for Vacacon, a small anime convention in Vacaville
Then later we attended a Game of Thrones themed Geek Market at Geeky Teas in Los Angeles
Our founder, Carnelian, moved to northern California to study design, and ended up teaching crochet at the university Craft Center. 
UC Davis hosts a yearly "Whole Earth Festival" and this was the booth.
Making this booth was a project for Carnelian's design program, and they learned how to laser cut wood- and designed a way to make it light and portable.
Davis farely rural, and each year we would offer crochet toys and balloon animals at the yearly "Hose Down" farm festival 
Carnelian graduated in 2017, and moved to Berlin Germany.
Then they changed the name of the company to Octopus Circus.
In Berlin Carnelian had luck selling at a "Black Market" which was spooky and goth themed. They started making several designs like witches, wizards, ghost and Cthulhu
Then in 2018 we started vending at the queer market, making octopi in the colors of the rainbow pride flag
Then again in 2019
This was the booth set up for the 2020 Qweer Market 
Then we decided that we wanted to have a more nautical themed booth design so we protyped a ship set up 
in 2020 we also had the chance to attend German Comic Con and went dressed as Ursula and prince Ariel 
Now we are planning our booth set up for the Alenxanderplatz Christmas market, where you can find us from November 22 to January 2nd 2022.