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Hello theybies and gentlethems-
 Rainbow unicorns and sparkling things,

Come one come all
Welcome to the Octopus Circus!

Here's a small update about what is going on underneath our big top. 
We had planned to bring these octopi to a Christmas market in Germany, an event which would go on for 49 days. Since the woes that our world is stricken with continued to worsen, we have moved our toy store online. 

Right now we have a show of 3 acts:
Act 1: Black Friday Weekend
25% discount this weekend for early adopters!
They arrive in decorative mystery boxes,
so you will receive a tentacle surprise 
red and white triangle shaped box with a golden ribbon, one side says "STEP RIGHT UP" the other has an octopus with a bowtie and says "OCTOPUS CIRCUS"

Act 2: Octopus Advent 
Each day 10 new octopi will be released and uploaded into the store. In addition to the mystery boxes you can also buy a highly specific new friend- with it's own name and story. 

Act 3: Book Release! Storytime Tentacles
On Dec 1st we will be able to start shipping our books ! 
This is an illustrated adventure of some of favorite octopi.

image of grey octopus with small yellow eyes holding up a telescope and with his other tentacles over a map.

Shipping up until the 20th in Berlin and  California.
Delivered prewrapped and with personalized gift options. 

Before the curtain falls, we hoped to explain how we attempted to open up such an extravagant online bazaar.

Octopus Circus has been operation since 2012, originally founded in California at a Santa Monica College Crafting Club. We were then only 4 people, and would travel around to conventions selling these octopus plushies as hair clips, costume pieces and ornaments. For the past 8 years we have been going to festivals, pop up markets and fairs all over renting tables and finding these octopi loving homes.

2020 Octopus Circus is a collaborative toy store, which unites crochetters worldwide.
We provide jobs for many out of work crafters from: Ghana, Greece, Belize, Cancun, the Philippines, Germany, the Czech Republic, Cancun, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, and the USA. 

The founder of the project, Carnelian King, studied product design at UC Davis and wrote the pattern for this octopus six years ago. They live in Berlin, in a home filled with many octopi.
a person in a bathtub of octopus stuffed animals.

Thanks for reading friends!
Hope you enjoy our circus
and see if you might be curious enough to take something home with you.
Perhaps a Mystery Box

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